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a new type of future calls for a new type of leader:


The Women's Leadership Mastermind is a revolutionary year-long transformational leadership program that consists of:

Group & One-on-One Coaching
Trauma-Informed Training
Somatic Healing
Business Mentorship
Social Justice

Participants will declare an ambitious business goal and be coached to accomplish it.
Like no shit.

This is not your average mastermind.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a leadership coach.

about you:

You are a powerful leader building a badass career

You manage your own team

You are making a comfortable salary but you want to make more money to support the lifestyle you dream of

You have a vision that you can build both a career and a LIFE that you love

You want to contribute something meaningful to the world through the work you do

You deeply desire to connect with and support other women leaders like you 

here’s what also might be true about you:

Even though everyone tells you you’re successful, you have this sinking feeling that you have no idea what you are doing and the bottom is about to fall out

You want to make some major moves in your career but nothing you’ve tried is getting you the results you want. You feel stuck. You’re thinking, “2023 HAS to be the year I make shit happen.”

You are growing your team to help take some of the load off your shoulders, but sometimes it feels like you just traded one giant workload in for another

You started this career path in pursuit of the life of your dreams. But at this rate, your career takes so much time and energy from you, the dream life is nowhere in sight.

You wish you had someone to talk to about how to navigate through what it’s like to be you. Being a leader feels lonely, and none of your friends understand the pressure of your work.

the world has never seen a leader like you.

thank god.

the origin story

If any of the above pain points sound familiar, I understand. That’s how I felt in 2018 when I had just hit 6-figure revenue in my creative agency and was starting to scale. I was growing. I had employees. Money was coming in. On the outside it looked like I knew what I was doing, but inside? I was anxious, stressed, uncertain, and lonely.

In my late-20s, most of my friends had jobs with bosses to make all the decisions for the fate of the company. But me? I was on my own. And the mentors I had access to, while amazing and knowledgeable, were all old, white dudes! I didn’t feel like they totally got where I was coming from but I wasn’t sure what to do, because those were the only people I knew that had built their companies up to the level I was aiming for.

I wished I had someone to talk to that really understood. That could show me the way, or at least just tap me in the right direction. 

That’s when I started working with my coach. And by 2020, my team of 5 and I had grown my creative agency to $1.6M. What I learned in coaching is that I get to define how my business and my life goes.

I started to understand the unconscious behaviors that were getting in the way of generating the results I wanted. From there, I was empowered to generate new results in my business—7-figure results!

Summer 2020 changed everything for me. I started my creative agency in 2016 in order to create large scale transformation in the world by bringing people together through storytelling. But in Summer 2020, when the world was watching the story of Black Lives Matter unfolding throughout the world, it became clear to me that storytelling only took the transformation so far. 

And so I declared to be a coach, so that I could contribute to evoking other people’s greatness, power and love. My vision is a world in which all people are liberated from systems of oppression, including racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, transphobia, fatphobia, homophobia, etc. These systems are not “out there.” They live within us. And as leaders, we get to be responsible for creating a world that works for everybody (i.e. every BODY).

As leaders, it starts with us.

That’s what this mastermind is.

An opportunity to begin the transformation with yourself. An opportunity to redefine how you do business based on what works for YOU. Your body. Your dreams. Your family. Your LIFE.

It’s a reinvention of what you know about business—because the current context of running a business was not created by or for YOU, as a woman.

This container is about you discovering the wisdom in yourself so that you step into your full power and create unprecedented results in your business and life.

Here’s what you can expect to accomplish when you choose to play ALL IN in this container:

Make massive strides in the growth of your business and career

Learn to love and care for all of who you are as a leader and as a human

Define what success in business and life means to you

Elevate your presence, confidence, and effectiveness as leader

Increase your power (i.e. the speed with which your dreams become a reality)

Discover your blindspots and strengthen new leadership muscles

Expand your professional network with authentic relationships

Unlock the power of relationships and team – inside and outside of your company

Build a rich and healthy life beyond just professional achievement

Become an agent of change who uses her power to create a world in which we are all free from material and internalized systems of oppression 

Relate to your newfound power as a leader who is living the life of her dreams as a gift and service to the world

And you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll have a coach and a group of other powerful women committed to their own success as well as to yours.

This program is for you if you are ready to take your career and your life to the next level on your own terms.

Take the quiz to discover your growth path

If you choose ALL IN, here’s what you will get:

Profound results in your career and life as defined by you

A lifetime community and network of other women to support you 

Weekly 1:1 coaching to generate custom solutions for YOU

Rock solid trust in your ability to lead and create results

Deep integration of transformational tools so that you can stand as source for everything you want in life

about me

I'm Sarah Lupton. I'm a leadership coach, entrepreneur, and creative director. After climbing the ranks as a producer and writer in the indie doc world, I went on to get my MBA and start a multi-million dollar production company. I have studied spirituality and personal development in India, Nepal, Thailand, and the United States under various teachers and programs—including the Atlas Project, Landmark Worldwide, and International Coach Academy.

I have been flat broke, lost the love of my life due to addiction, given up dreams and built new ones from the wreckage, moved to new cities around the world, reset the entire dynamic of my nuclear family, survived depression and suicidal ideation, had some really bad haircuts, and also, I have never given up on what's possible for me and for us in this lifetime.

What you can count on from me:

I will be unrelenting fire pushing you toward your goals. 

I will relate to you as whole, capable, healthy, and complete. You do not need to be fixed.

I will hold you accountable to what you say you are going to do. Because results happen from committed action. 

I will bring my deep experience in business: 

- 15 years of managing experience
- Built and sold a company (2016-2022)
- 6 years of ontological coaching and training for professional development
- Wake Forest University, MBA ‘16 Beta Gamma Sigma
- Duke University, BA ‘09 Phi Beta Kappa

I will love you fiercely and stand for your dreams to be your reality. 

abouT the mastermind

The Process

Before Kickoff:
- Complete Consultation
- Complete Vision Statement
- Submit tuition

Kickoff: January 17, 2023

Completion: December 13, 2023

The Structure

60-minute weekly group meetings, Tuesdays at 8am ET via Zoom. These will be a combination of leadership training and group coaching

30-minute weekly 1:1 coaching via audio call. To be scheduled weekly on Calendly

Ongoing community contribution and support

Ongoing small group contribution and support

The Investment

Estimated weekly time commitment: 6 hours (1 hour on group coaching, 30 minutes on one-on-one coaching, 4.5 hours completing assignments from your coach that directly support your self-declared goals)

Financial investment: $10,000 one-time payment or $1000/month for 12 months (get in touch for monthly payment option)

what is coaching?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." The blend of coaching that we do in this container does just that through combining performance (your results) and ontological (your experience) coaching with business mentorship and transformational tools in order to create ultimate liberation in your life.

Coaching is not mentorship. It’s not advice. It’s not therapy. In my experience, it’s a more powerful modality for leaders because it places the power within you, the client, to discover solutions that work for YOU, in the context of your body, life, relationships, and dreams. Coaching empowers you to become the expert of your business and of your life.

Is this for you?

This program is NOT for you if you are looking for an expert to come in and “fix” your business. You will be doing all the work. It is not for you if you are committed to doing things the way you’ve been doing them. In fact, that is the exact opposite of what you can expect. This program is not for you if you aren’t 100% committed to getting the results you’re dreaming about right now. And it’s not for you if you don’t value being part of a community of women who will have your back on your journey.

This program IS for you if you are willing to get uncomfortable in service of your vision. It’s for you if you’re ready and willing to do things differently. It’s for you if you stand for a world in which all people are free from systems of oppression that have been holding you and us back. It’s for you if you are ready to lead.

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